My First DXA Scan

Some notes about my condition going into the scan:

  • Fasted for approximately 14 hours before the scan. Small dinner of one (1) enchilada, and had fasted for the majority of the day leading up to that meal.
  • Consumed nothing but diet soda (mostly Coke, but also A&W root beer) until after the test.
  • From Sunday morning to Monday morning (when the test took place) I had dropped 5 pounds of water weight, presumably due to the fast. This is roughly in line with my experience of restricting carbohydrates for a day¬†without fasting.
  • My blood sugar was in the normal range, but because I didn’t want to have to worry about a hypoglycemic event on the road, I had someone else drive me to and from the scan.
  • Similarly, I did not train until after the scan, my last session being an unintentionally low-volume event on Friday. All activity was low intensity and low sustained duration.

Too nerdy, didn’t read?

I’m 36.6% body fat.