I have a nasty habit of writing things down and then losing the piece of paper. I also have a 12-hour shift starting in six hours, so that really speaks to how important I felt this was to get transcribed somewhere I could find it again.

I recorded a video of my current condition as well, which I’ll upload to YouTube some time in the coming week. Probably Tuesday.


Total: 198lbs. (89.8kg)

Bodyfat Percentage: 24%

Fat-free Mass: 150.5lbs. (68.3kg)


All are circumferences in centimeters.


  • Shoulders: 118
  • Chest:
    • 98 expanded
    • 94 deflated
  • Gut:
    • 150 fully distended
    • 92 vacuum
  • Ass: 109.5

Left Side

  • Ankle: 25
  • Calf: 38
  • Mid-Thigh: 53.5
  • Top Thigh: 66.5
  • Wrist: 16
  • Forearm: 25
  • Unflexed Upper Arm: 30.5

Right Side

  • Ankle: 24
  • Calf: 37
  • Mid-Thigh: 53
  • Top Thigh: 66
  • Wrist: 17
  • Forearm: 25
  • Unflexed Upper Arm: 30.5


  • I always “felt” like my left leg would be bigger just because I subconsciously balance on it when standing still. A lot of people notice me “swaying” back and forth and it’s mostly me realizing that I’m spending too much time on one foot. The slightly larger measurements might confirm this.
  • I expected to have a larger left forearm, but it turns out I have a smaller left wrist. This is weird to me, as my left arm/wrist has generally been the more stable of the two of them. Perhaps it’s not weird that my right wrist is so much more flexible, then.
  • My arms being the same size is an encouraging result. I have been doing only compound lifting in terms of what would influence their size, and I’m glad I don’t seem to be favoring either side.
  • My ass is a lot smaller than it looks.